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Hi! My name is Gary LeBlanc. Life Engineer.

We each have a unique gift. Leveraging my engineering background, I help people and organizations discover and share their unique gift with the world. Together, we eliminate needless noise and help you focus your energy on what matters.

Sometimes You Need To Move A Lot Of Dirt To Find Gold


Find Your SuperHuman is a call-to-action. It’s the decision to create the mind and body foundation needed to tap into your full potential. Maintaining a sound mind and body is necessary if you aim to share your unique gift with the world.

Prepare to see how nutrition, stress, fitness, and sleep can pave the way to unlocking your purpose, to Find Your SuperHuman. I hope you enjoy it!

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A Little About Me

I recently realized that everything I’ve ever done was about ENGINEERING a better way… finding a more effective and (often times) easier solution.

After 17 years in the corporate world, and the passing of a dear friend, I decided to apply my philosophy to the most difficult of challenges; helping people and corporations find their unique gift and express it.

I invite you to browse the site, explore the blog, and let me know how I can help!



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My Speaking

I love energizing people and organizations through my speaking, but it involves more than simply giving people hope that they can live their purpose.

It’s about guiding them on what to do next, and what to do after that. The mixture of my engineering approach, East Coast humor and humility, and my unmatched passion will leave you better off than when you arrived.

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I believe we meet certain people for a reason. Last year, listening to your passion has really stuck with me, so thanks for everything you have already given to better my life.

– Shayne Henderson (Consultant)


Gary delivers a potent, positive program through his Ikkuma platform! He energizes audiences and inspires meaningful personal improvements.

– Dr. Bob MacKalski (McGill University)


Thanks for all the inspiration, guidance and flow of positive words…it’s been really important to me and my journey to becoming my best version of myself!!

– ​Cheryl Bergen Perry (Air Canada)